Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We don't get out much.
We all live at the airport and typically stay here most of the time.
However, every now and then... we go out for sushi.

It's one thing we all like and just can't get here.

Normally we go to Dover. It's 40 minutes away. Zach's been bugging us to go to this new place he found up in Northern Delaware. So we did.

It's just about as far to get to the new place... maybe 10 minutes longer. But the sushi's way better. The old place was good.. but the new place is unreal.

Now the odd thing about the place to the North is how you get there. Mind you, I rarely leave the airport and it's almost unheard of that I go North. This is important in that I used to come down from the North. The road up to sushi is the exact same route I would take every weekend... for three and one half hours... well, the last hour of that trip anyway.

This is the road where I spent a lot of time contemplating a very radical change in my life. It was also the path between the 9-5 "normal" world and the world of hang gliding. Alice's rabbit hole if you will.

People like to listen to the music of their youth because it "takes them back". There's a lot of emotional baggage wrapped up in that. Well I was having a lot of similar flashbacks. You not only get to remember things you've forgotten, you remember how things felt... how the world looked at the time. It's a bit freaky.

So, getting to relive those days in a way, the question naturally surfaces... if I knew then what I know now... would I make the same decision?

You don't often get to answer that one... not really. Maybe intellectually you can make a bit of a guess. Now I had a bit more insight.

As I often phrased the question... "Red pill or Blue?"
Yeah... still most definitely Red.

Driving home felt great... content. The further I got to my life and away from my past, the better I felt. Not that I didn't enjoy the past, but I had this very weird understanding that I'm walking the right path.

I love my life, my friends, the places I've been, the things I've seen.
I am a very happy person.

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