Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A fun coincidence

Today the weather cut work short. Big ole Westerly started blowing hard around noon and shut us down. Well, I've been meaning to figure out some technical stuff about my wii and songs I download for Rock Band on it.

So I start with "More Human than Human" by White Zombie. It's a good rockin song that I wanted to practice anyway. Later on, I'm surfing the news and there's this list of the top 15 dystopian movies. It's a good list and I now have a few more movies to watch ;) Naturally, the #1 movie is Blade Runner. Well, there's a Wikipedia link which leads me to the "Immortal Game" (famous Chess match)... oh, and "More Human than Human". The song's title and some lyrics are from Blade Runner.

I had fun showing my flatmate Hector the chess scene (he's a big chess fan) and just seeing all the stuff Zombie had referenced (More Human than Human is the slogan of the company that makes the androids in the movie).