Wednesday, December 15, 2010

November and then some

Well life has picked up the pace a bit.
November went flying by... pun intended.

The weather was absolutely fantastic! Best November I can remember. Next to no rain, very little "windy days"... just happiness. Loads of flying.

Here we are and it's nearly half way through December?!
The weather's settled back to a more normal "changeable" cycle as of late. We're still getting some absolutely spectacular days though. We're just now getting unflyable days as well... we were able to fly virtually every day in November... unheard of. We still seem to get some of the day in still even if it's pretty buggered otherwise.

Still hitting the gym when I can. Especially now that we've got some bad weather days, it's gotten a bit easier. It was a bit of a struggle in November. It seems now that I'm able to get back to an every other day schedule. It gets pushed back a day every now and again while waiting for some bad weather to help out.

Most of the company's crews are settled in for the season. Old friends are back. Most of the flats are sorted and everyone's pretty set up, so now it's just "work" and play.

Leg's going strong. Still have a touch of swelling below the kneecap, but I hear that that bit takes forever to go away. No worries.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun Fun

Ok, catch up time.
Weather went to piss today, so I've got an unusual bit of "time" on my hands ;)

I'm NOT complaining either.
The weather's been absolutely super fantastic lately. We've got some very changeable Springtime weather these days. So who knows? Very typically, we're sheltered in the mornings, then it goes bad in the afternoon. We'll see. Certainly the case today.

Happy times with my wind meter project!
Me and Keith started tackling the next bit of it... direction. We hit a design block for a bit, but Keith came up with a very nice and simple solution.

The current prototype ROCKS!
Had one company phone me today to see what it was saying... as the designer, I'm most tuned into reading it for now. Later, when they showed up on takeoff, they confirmed what I'd said to expect. :)

As we all get used to using it, it will save us from having to drive out on days like today where it's not flyable simply to find out that it's not flyable. It can also let us know when it is flyable, perhaps when we think it's not.

In any event, it's been a super fun project and continues to be. I'm so happy with it. I've learned loads about electronics and it's been a blast working with my friends on it.

Work's going well.
Things are ticking up, which is nice. We're always nervous about the level of work we have ahead. We're such a seasonal driven business.

I've got an MRI on Wednesday for my pilot medical (I do this every year) and I've got a bit of web-work to finish up, so the predicted bad weather doesn't bother me.

On with the show.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunny Weather

As my mom noted... "You must be having fun... your blog's gone quiet".
Very much the case.

Weather's been obnoxiously good and my knee's been getting good and strong. Gym Gym Gym Gym Gym... I can't say it enough. Best thing I did was join the gym. It's made a huge difference.

zzzzzzzzzzz.. gnight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Visit to the surgeon

Had my "3 month" followup visit with my surgeon today.
(I'm a very small bit past 3 I think)
It took all of two minutes... which is a very good thing :)

You don't want to have a long visit... that means something is wrong.
Mine consisted of him checking my knee and saying "Well... that's rock solid".
Those are some very happy words to hear from your surgeon!

I asked him a very rhetorical question because I get it from many other doctors and nurses... How does *he* feel about my knee. I'm obviously thrilled. His answer was similarly over the top "I'm jumping for joy" was part of it... as he threw out a bunch of "I'm super happy" phrases to over-emphasise that he's quite pleased. The over the top bit was a bit of joking as we both understood how silly the question was.

One of the funniest bits of the day was the Taxi cab ride.
Hahahaha, I'm pretty sure I was getting this part right... there was this siren sound thingy that kept going off. I didn't catch it at first... but then I realised that it's a warning sign to the driver that he's speeding! HAHAHAHAHA. I picked it up cuz he seemed to be in a bit of a rush at first... then he chilled out and the noise went away.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Gondi

We have a flying site at the top of the gondola in town.
The gondi doesn't take you all the way to takeoff though. You have about a 10 minute hike up a pretty steep path before you're there.

The gondi hike has always been my metric for my physical fitness.
I could always tell that I was turning into a soft American over the Summers in Maryland when I got back to Queenstown. I would take brakes hiking up the gondi. At the beginning of the season, I'd take as many as eight brakes. You're hiking up with a 40lb pack on your back, but since I've done it for many years, I've gotten a feel for what means what.

One year, I'd made a concious effort to stay in some shape in the Summer and I could definitely feel the difference, though I still took like three or four brakes.

I've been living at the gym since my accident, but I'm doing weight training. I've been very keen to get back to the gondi since it's such good cardio. And since I fly down, I've got heaps of motivation to climb it! But, like I said, it's a full-on hike. So even after I was fit enough to hike up, I still needed to be fit enough to hike down just in case I couldn't fly. Hiking down is immensely harder on my knee.

I'm just now at that level.

So today, I went up the gondi. I was very curious to measure how out of shape I was.

Zero brakes.

Made me feel even better about all that hard work at the gym :)
I wasn't steaming up the hill by any stretch, but I wasn't winded or sore either. I'd felt a good workout and had a good heartrate. I was feeling good.

Today's my gym day, so I went there afterwards.
There was something easier about it today.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Nice day

An other nice day :)
As is the way with Spring, it will end, but I'm soaking it up while it's here.

Hung around Flight Park (our landing field) showing friends how to pack parachutes and teaching a little bit of hang gliding. Nice mellow day. Sunny and warm.


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Boo YA!

Let's see. Guess I'll fill in some details here.
(lot's of HELL YEAH! stuff over on Facebook)

I've been living in hell for 106 days now.
Take the thing you like the most in this world and don't do it for 3 and 1/2 months. Add to this, it's your livelyhood. And, you have to sit back and watch everyone else do it. And, you're crippled. You find ways to cope, but trust me, it ain't no picnic.

So I can't really tell you how freaking unbelievably happy it made me to be able to fly today. So I won't try. I'd prefer not to start crying.

Now, the good news is!
(Knocking on every blessed piece of wood I can find!)
I'll eventually be able to go back to work.
I've come to describe things this way... "I have the most amazing life... and I want it back!"
That keeps me going. Keeps me positive. I've had no trouble "finding the energy".

I go to the gym like it's my job. Every other day... you need to rest between workouts or you slow your progress. I get excited when I realise that "today's a gym day!" I eat extremely well now. Whole foods ONLY. If a sixth year old can't pronounce the ingredients, I don't eat it. "My program", as I call it, has been paying off in spades. I love the reaction I get from doctors that haven't seen me and my physio. My favourite phrase from my physio is "keep doing what you're doing, it's working". I've made it my personal goal to keep her saying that. She also gives me direction and education. I think of her as my coach... and indispensable.

I've got a hell of a knee brace. I call it my "Forest Gump" brace. I've not really done much with it till today. You're not supposed to as it takes over the job of your muscles and they don't grow. I wear it for a bit of protection. Today being the first real use... and holy crap! That thing kicks ass! It's just help, so I need to continue to be careful.

Good winds, maybe three steps to takeoff, and then just happy, beautiful Spring air :) Spring is one of the best times to fly.. there tends to be a lot of the types of currents that allow you to fly for hours on end. And oh hell yes I did :)

There's a funny thing about ACL injuries... and they tell you this when you have one... "Now you're going to meet so many people that have done this... and you'll be amazed at how many there are". ACL is the most common knee injury by the way.

Well, I hitched a ride up the hill today... and as I explained my situation, the wife (husband and wife heading up to ski)... "Oh, I did mine 9 years ago, did you have the surgery?". We had something to talk about the whole ride up.

My last flight of the day (I had three) was with some good friends in exceptionally good air. We all played around for a good long time. When we all landed, we hung around outside the cafe (we have a cafe at our landing field) for a bit. It was so nice to be back.
(No, damnit! my eyes are just sweating!)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Down stairs

Walking down stairs is, and has always been, one of the most difficult tasks with this.
Your knee has to bend a lot and you use the muscles that have been decimated by surgery.

So I am extremely happy that I can go down stairs with ease these days.

The popping/cracking in my knee has migrated. This is apparently normal, and makes sense, as things reorganise. The swelling's going down and things are shifting around. Scar tissues tearing away and generally there's a lot going on in there.

The popping that used to happen when I straightened my leg came and went a long time ago. One day, I had it pop when I was sitting with my leg straight and shifted my weight a bit... that was weird.

These days it's when I'm walking down stairs.
It's great when it goes.
Before it lets go, I can feel a little resistance under my kneecap... sorta like an air bubble.. and my knee doesn't flex totally right. Once it pops, my knee moves normally. I've taken to walking up and down the tallest stairs in town like it's a treadmill ;)


11 Weeks!

"I go to the gym... like it's my job".
A buddy of mine put that saying in my head. I like it! (Thanks Bill)

It just rings true... it reinforces how good going to the gym has been for me and helps stir me up and keep me feeling good about going. A while back there, I was concerned that I'd hit the dreaded "Plateau" once I recovered from the major traumas of surgery. Knock on wood.. cuz this hasn't been the case. If anything, I've gone the other way. I love going to the gym. I get perked up when I realize that "HEY... today's a gym day!".

You're supposed to take a rest day between workouts. Since I'm not keen to devote every single day to the gym (it's across town), I don't do the typical "split" routine. I just do everything on one day and rest the next. I often wind up at the gym anyway, but I just go for the pool on "off" days.

So I'm 11 weeks post operation today :)
Working hard at the gym is definitely paying off! There's work ahead still, and there always will be, but it nice to smell the roses from time to time.

We had a guy stay at the house last night who's had three ACL surgeries. He echo'd what I've read and heard so many times... rehab (getting to the gym) is so vitally important. He said that the worst thing for him was the loss he always felt in the power of his hamstring. There are three different styles of surgeries, one is hamstring. He said that when he went through that one, he didn't focus on rehabbing it and has never felt the same. It felt so good to know how hard I've worked on mine and know that mine's come along so far.

I also run into people that aren't expecting me to be doing as well as I am now. Some of it is of course because some haven't seen me in a while, so their image of me is still from back then. Some however have, and some are medical professionals who know what shape I should be in. It's good knowing my "program", as I call it, is going well.

While it is nice to smell those roses, I also knock on a lot of wood. I'm by no means "fixed". Hahaha, I can't even run yet ;)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fun at the beach

Been having fun as of late teaching friends to fly at "the beach".

This is a little flying spot we have at a park on the lake.
When the wind is from the West at the right speed, it's a fun place to train.
When it's a bit stronger, it's one of my favourite places to fly :)

Handily, it's right next to the airport. A bunch of my friends from the aeroclub are keen to learn to fly, so this works well. The wind doesn't come right in the Winter, but it does sometimes in the Fall. At the moment, we're in one of the right weather patterns for it. So it's happy times at the beach.

I had to take a day off from the gym to battle a headcold :(
Two actually, but I only workout every other day. You're not supposed to work out every day, so half the time I'm just in the pool.

I felt better today so I was able to go back... just for a "light" workout... just to "get back to it". Riiiiight. Damn it was good to be back.

Physio tomorrow.
I only go every other week now.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seven Weeks

Wow... just realised when I came here to post something that I'm Seven weeks post op today. :)

Let's see.... swelling's mostly gone. I've got "most" of my range of movement back... they say the last bit is the hardest. I'm on the leg press at the gym, the single most effective tool for building my quads back up. Quads and hamstring's are the most effected muscled in ACL surgery.

I can jump on the exercise bike and just go. I can use the rowing machine and ellipital machine now too. There's an other bunch of machines and exercises I can do now too. I'm back in the hot tub without having to worry about overheating my leg. I still do the hot/cold routine cuz it works however. Suffice to say, things are going well.

This is the point people call the "plateau".
The dramatic "holy crap I can walk" moments are over. This crosses over into straight up body building land. The "gains" are "slower" and less apparent, so you can get discouraged. It's a lot of more of the same. It can feel like the improvements have stopped.

I won't lie, there was a day at the gym where I felt it creeping in. Then I realized that I hadn't ate properly and had gone to the gym tired. Big mistake. Especially as my workout routine has gotten kinda extensive. I've added a lot of machines and spend a long time there. Going on an empty tank just ain't gonna work.

The next time, I was prepared. I had a good feed at the right time and had more and more of the right stuff. Big difference. I've started bringing bananas and protein bars to the gym too.

I'm finding it important to track what I'm doing too. Without the markers, you don't see the changes. In the "holy crap I can walk" phase, there were built in markers. I think that makes a big difference. When you can't pedal all the way around on the bike, you've got a clear marker ;) As I pay more attention to them, it seems to help mentally.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Now that's a hearty breakfast :)
All whole grains. All ingredients your gramma could understand.
If I'm not careful, I'm going to start to look like I know what I'm doing.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm six weeks post op as of today :)
(can I get a "hell yeah!"?)

Feeling good, but I also know this is where you can screw up too. You feel good and forget that you're broken... maybe go out and do something stupid, maybe push a little too hard, or maybe just forget to protect your knee. Gotta keep that all in mind. But feeling good.

I can get around almost without issue. Even walking down stairs is starting to come right. Down is the hard one for those that don't know.

Breakfast right?
This is a happy one for me. See, I've been curious about "eating right" for a while now. What exactly "right" means is not as straight forward as it sounds. There's a LOT of information to sort through. But thanks to a friend (hi Bill), I got on what seemed to be the right path.

Well, I'm six weeks in now, so I think I can "look back" enough to see some stuff.
One of the big ones is Breakfast.
We all know the old tome "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day".
That's never said a hell of a lot to me.
There's been times where I'd have a bowl of cereal every morning and sure, I maybe wouldn't eat lunch as soon or something. Big deal right? It all sounded like "an apple a day!" to me.

Ok, missing bits there... "A good" Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
One of the first bits I noticed when I started this was once you get onto truly good food, not just off the "junk food", everything else starts to taste like fluff.

The next bit though is that breakfast starts taking it's true role.
I eat a really good breakfast now. And if I miss it, I know I've missed it! It makes a big difference.

Eggs over whole wheat toast, rolled oats, a banana and orange juice.
All the real deal... not "orange juice like" drink, not wheat bread... WHOLE wheat bread. Not fu-fu cereal, rolled oats... you can get this wicked rolled oats and rasin mix cereal here... I'm a complete addict!

It tastes good and feels like lead :)

It's weird, though not "shocking", that once you know what to look for, you can see just how much bad food there is out there... and how hard it is to actually eat good food! It can be done of course, but man, if you don't know what to look for... good luck!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Doing much better these days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clickety Clack

Not much "news". I'm in "more of the same" phase now. I've passed the major trauma of surgery and recovered much of my range of motion. Now I work on rebuilding my scrawny little leg.

Odd though... These days, I go to the gym and after two hours, I feel like I just got there. I do my whole workout routine, hit all the machines, some twice and some new ones here and there... and I'm left thinking... "Wait, did I miss something?.. I can not be done yet". I go to the pool (part of the gym) and hot tub and go through that routine in a blink as well. Before I know it, I'm done. RATS!

Oh well, better than the opposite problem :)

Spring's poking through here and there now.
We get birds in the morning now from time to time. It's warmer and the snow's melting up on the mountains... we rarely get snow in the valley. The skiing's buggered... they have a term for it here... the snow is "rain effected"... that's the bits where it's rained on the snow and turned it icy.

Oh yeah, the clickety clack.
My knee's started cracking. This is normal and tends to happen as things heal up... so it's a good sign (IMHO). And it feels lovely. It's like cracking your knuckles. The after effects are soothing. There's compressed bubbles in the joint and I can feel them getting in the way, but as I straighten my knee, they pop like bubble wrap.. all at once though. It happens pretty regularly when I'm driving around since my truck's a manual and my knee pops when I straighten it, when it does pop that is.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mind game

Been a mind game a bit over the last few days.

For various reasons, I've slipped here and there with my mental callisthenics if you will. It's so very important not to chose to wander into "IF Only" land. Nothing good comes of it and it's psychologically destructive. You have what's in front of you and that's it.

I phrase it that way specifically because it is a choice. My friend would term it "a well trained elephant". In more common terms, though I like the elephant/rider better, your conscious mind doesn't control your subconscious, but it does influence it.

Basically, you wake up and you have what's in front of you.
Coming out of a coma years ago was rather instructive in this. You wake up and think... Ok... I'm in the shit... what do I have to work with here? It's very focusing.

A good analogy is selling a car or house that you've had to put a lot of money into. People very often fall into the trap of trying to recoup this "lost" money. But in fact, it's "lost". You have your car/house. That's it. It's worth what it's worth and that's all. There is no difference between it and an equal simply because you put money into it. It's not easy of course, but that's the way it is.

Sometimes it just takes reminding yourself... "ok, what do I have to work with here".
I've got a lot.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Having a chat with a friend of mine and she clued me into something of a disconnect. She was reading all my knee stuff, and then... wham, I inexplicably switched gears and started rambling about food?

So there's a bit of an explanation.
Yes, my current obsession with "good food" is part and parcel to getting my leg healed up. As guessed, yup, can't build well with crap materials.

Bit more to it though.
Some of it comes from Adam. Adam's a big body builder type and got me thinking more about the importance of not only food in general, but specifically the food you eat right after you work out. Other bits as well.

I've also always been interested in eating better.
A simple idea, but there's so much information out there. I wanted to understand what really made a difference. I mean really... carbs? calories? fat? what?

Then my friend Bill got me on the right track.
He got me a good food book.
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

Now there's some real information.
Basically, eat real food... if your grandmother doesn't know the ingredients, especially the first three, don't eat it.
There's way more in there. But that one's huge.

So the leg thing and the food thing just sorta converged.
I'm happily trucking along on my whole food "diet".
I love that I now have the tools to actually understand what is and what isn't "good" food, and why.
I love that "bad" food has started to taste bad and unfilling.
I love that whole wheat toast with real butter is so freaking fantastic!
So is my new favourite rolled oats breakfast cereal!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Tub :)

Ok, with a swollen leg, stepping into a hot tub isn't exactly something you just go do... that could wind up being a very painful experience.

I judged things based on how painful a hot shower was on my leg. Once it wasn't bothering me, then I'd think about maybe jumping in the hot tub. My physio agreed and said to limit my time to 5 minutes.

I gotta tell ya, I was pretty nervous about it, but things went very well.
I'd go hot tub for a minute or two, then back to the pool, then ice my knee. Hahaha, yup, right next to everyone relaxing in the hot tub... there I am with ice packs on my knee. Love it.

So after I got comfortable with that routine, I started flexing my knee... wow, the hot tub really helps with that!

The best bit though...
I still walk with a very slight limp. And more than the limp, you just feel it. You're not quite right and you know.
Well, for about 5 minutes out of the hot tub... I walk right.
And not just no limp... I just walk.
No effort, not thought, nothing feeling "a little off".

It's a happy place.

Monday, August 09, 2010

1 Month post surgery

Holy crap! It's starting to look like my knee again!

Now that the swelling's mostly under control, I'm moving into the world of rebuilding my very weakened knee. This is a happy place. Working on damaged equipment while it's trying to heal... sucks. Now I'm working on just weak equipment. It's a matter of patience and determination from here. Both of which I have in spades.

This is also the time before the "plateau". The initial gains come quite fast. You get used to the meteoric rate and when it returns to a more normal pace, it's a bit of a let-down.

But I'll just go ahead and enjoy the rapid improvements while they're here, thank you.

I'll worry about my motivation through the plateau when I get there.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Five minutes

Travelling most of the day for a 5 minute checkup with my surgeon.
Funny, you can think of it in a bad way, but in reality it's not.

See, first off, I only have to go so far cuz my surgeon is far away. He's far away because the closer ones are all booked up.

But the big one is... I'm very happy it was five minutes.
You don't want a long meeting for this one.
A long meeting means something's wrong.
A fast one means all is good.
Mine is the latter. :)

He also told me to loose the crutch. Said it was "redundant" at this point. So I'm limping around all on my own now. I still need the crutch for stairs without handrails though. That'll get better as my knee starts flexing more. The gym will be a big help with that.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Manly men!

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm ok...

So this week I got back to the gym. Happiness ensued.
Some day, I'll be able to go back to the hot tub as well. My knee's still a bit swollen for that adventure just yet.

My main thing at the gym for now is the exercise bike. I did a lot of work on the bike before my surgery. It's one of the main tools you use with ACL reconstruction.

I was warned before going that I would not likely be able to make a full revolution. Your knee just doesn't flex that much. So you "pedal" forward as far as you can go, then go backwards as far as that will go. It's very similar to stretching, something I'm very very comfortable with. I did heaps of stretching in my martial arts days and I really liked it. So this was familiar and comfortable territory.

So then the summit of the mountain before me would be to actually be able to "ride" the bike. The path to get there would be slow. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good... I'd progressed to the point where I could put the pedals vertical in reverse and level in forward. This was heaps of progress. I could barely move them when I started. But the bike is super effective. The progress I made each day was pretty stunning. Just ten to fifteen minutes payed off bigtime.

I was feeling pretty stellar when I hit true vertical today. I could feel the teetering on the top of the arc. It was great. Then, I pushed forward and went past level. I knew once those two angles met, kinda like a pie chart if you will, then I'd go all the way around. What a day that would be :)

Then back to reverse to see what past vertical would be like. I knew it would be just a little past, but that would be a very happy place.

Well, I tell ya, I about lost it when my foot just kept going... all the way around. Slow as hell, but holy *($*#@@#*$ YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I went a few times in reverse, then slowly slowly pushed through forwards. No pain. I wasn't overdoing it... I was there.

Ah, the little things :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back at the gym baybe!

Ok, I'm totally stoked today :)

I finally made it back to the gym! It's been three weeks.
There's just something awesome about actually being able to do something about your situation other than wait.

Till now, I've been in "recovery mode". I think of it as recovering from the trauma of surgery. I know many people dive right into things, but I just didn't feel like that was the wisest choice. My physio seemed to agree. So when she said I was good to go back to the gym, I was very happy. She gave me some very clear things to do and expectations. That helped a lot.

I knew to go straight to the exercise bike and not to expect to even be able to do a full rotation... which I most certainly wasn't able to do. But instead, to pedal back and forth as far as was comfortable. This seemed a lot like stretching to me, which I'm very familiar with from my martial arts days, so I treated it as such. And happily, it responded as such too. Very familiar territory :)

Stretching was one of my favourite aspects of martial arts... slow, consistent pressure. With patience it leads to measurable results. I know this world. I'm very comfortable here.

Oh, I'm so happy with my knee. I had to take a pic.
It's still swollen, but it's starting to look like a knee again!

This is my jury-rigged compression setup...

I got back to doing some upper body work as well.
It's just so nice to be back.
There's something about going TO the gym. You can do some of this at home, but there it's 100% focused. Everything there is set up for it and it's the only reason to be there. No distractions. Just work. Just get better. If I could ice my leg there, I'd stay longer.

Hrm... I should get a cooler! Bring some ice packs!
Oh, I like that one.
I like that a lot!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Compression you idiot!

So I finally figured out what they were talking about with the "compression" bit of RICE (rest ice compression elevation).

See, I've had this compression stocking thing... and it truly helps. It's especially nice when walking around cuz it slows the blood-pooling in my leg. It makes things way more comfortable. I figured I had the Compression bit covered.

Not by a long shot!
Freakin idiot!

It's ICE under compression!
You don't just ice your knee... you strap those suckers down! I've started taking some velcro straps that we tie up gliders with and using them to sych down my ice packs. I've also started getting them in the freezer. Now that I'm a bit more mobile, this is possible.

Holy freaking hell what a difference!


Friday, July 30, 2010


This ones some boring TMI stuff, so run away while you still can.

Ok, too late... here we go...
I don't like popping corks too early, so I'm putting this in the maybe category for the moment.

See, I don't like to sleep on my back. I don't know why, but I never have. At the moment, aside from all the other BS, I wake up with sore heels. If I don't however, I seem to have added little pains in my knee. I don't seem to sleep very well either, although getting to sleep is much much easier.

I tried sleeping on my stomach. As per my physio's advice, I even stuck a towel under my shin. No go. Still too much weight on my knee for comfort. Then I tried sleeping on my side. As I've read, I stuffed blankets between my knees. I kept my operated knee high so as to avoid putting any weight on it.

No go. I don't know if it was that position or just general healing pains, but man I did not like it. The inside of my knee was feeling again like it did after the accident... I had bone bruising there, I'm quite familiar with the spot.

Well, last night I found a way to lay mostly on my side with my operated leg on the low side, but, without my upper leg resting on it. :)

I did wake up at 4 for a while, but then slept till around 10 or 10:30. No residual pains. That could work.

Here's hoping.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice is nice

Icing my leg.
I'm a bit more mobile these days which is nice. I still have one twinge of pain that's keeping me from feeling good about loosing the crutches. I'll be taking my good sweet time thank you.

There's muscle pain and then there's "other stuff" pain. This is other stuff. Muscle pain you work with. This stuff you stop doing whatever's causing it. It's very tiny, but I aim to keep it that way.

Today's distraction is computer emulators (as was yesterday's).
Found some stuff that allows me to use my WiiRemotes with my computer. So of course I grab the old AppleII emulator and "Wings Of Fury", my favourite AppleII game. With a little (ha!, couple hours) of tweaking, it's all up and running. Fortunately for me, I got lots of time, so tweaking around for a few hours getting a computer emulator running is absolutely no big deal.

Today, I've moved on to the Atari2600 and Nintendo64 emulators for the Wii. Neither of the two were running very well last time I looked. But that was a year or so ago. I just got the Atari running and they've got it running well :)
I'm going to be going head to head with my flatmate on Combat once my knee is done cooling off.

I'm hoping the N64 might be fixed up as well, though I'm less optimistic. That one seems to be a tough cookie to crack. I haven't even seen a good PC emulator for it yet. Here's hoping though. It'd be cool as hell to play PilotWings64 :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sutures out :)

The stitches came out yesterday :)

They warned me that there would prob be a little bleeding and swelling since even just removing stitches jars the knee a bit.

Between that and physio and not keeping it extra-elevated... it swelled up a bit. Fortunately today it's back down. It wasn't that bad, but I don't like overdoing things.

The upside is now I'm that much closer to getting back in the pool :)

Geek warning... all others may wish to leave the room now.
So, my happy fun project today?
Getting my computer to connect to my wii remote.
Why you might ask? ;)
Weeeeelll... Couple reasons.
I lack a joystick... and I'm not shelling out a bunch of money for one either. I've got an old AppleII emulator with a stack of games. I've got a stack of flight simulators as well. Soooo... with enough time, something I've got in spades, and zero money... well, I found some instructions and programs that let you hook up your wii remote and use it as a joystick. Still a few bugs to get past, but I'm playing some old favourites like Chopper Command, Arctic Fox, and Wings Of Fury :)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two weeks post

Everything in the world of surgery, as far as I can tell, is measured in how much time has passed.
Tomorrow morning, I'll officially be two weeks post :)

Things, thus far, have seemed to progress at about the rate I've expected, judging things on what I've read and what I've been told.

My estimation for ditching the crutches was around now. I've heard lots of "before two weeks" stories and even some "days post" stories, but that either seemed a bit like they were rushing things or had a different procedure. Some techniques include manually draining the swelling caused by surgery. This allows for far quicker mobility. I don't think they do that with arthroscopic surgery. Slower mobility, but far lower risk of infection. That's not why they make that choice, but that is one of the end results.

For me, the marker was feeling well enough to start using less to little pressure on my crutches. My physio reckons I could go faster about it, but I just haven't felt that good about it. I'm in no rush. I've been through this before.

I remember the first time I was asked to take a "weight bearing" step after I had broken my femur. I know I gave the doc a distinct "are you sure?" look. I think I may have even asked that.

There is a definitely different mentality when you're feeling "fragile".
It's quite the contrast to the "push hard!" society we live in. There's a time for that. This just isn't it.

The first week is all RICE.
Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation
Week two is the awkward inbetween phase. You need to move more, but only so much. And you can only take so much. Swelling pooling in your ankle sucks ass.

Now I'm beginning to be able to stand for longer periods of time. I can take more weight on my leg. I can walk fully upright with little weight through the crutches. It's getting there.

I'm also holding to the muscle building mentality. Rather than doing muscle building exercises every day, I do them every other day. Routine is a lovely thing. I actually wouldn't mind a bit of that. But I also know that to build muscle, there is a technique to it. You workout "to failure" and then rest a day. Your body builds back up on the rest day. If you interrupt it with an other workout session, you reset the clock. Oh, "to failure" just means that you lift (push/whatever) till you physically can't. You want to make it 1/2 way through a motion and not be able to complete it. This actually tears muscle, which is what you're trying to do. When that heals, it heals stronger.

Tomorrow is my workout day.
We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

White or Wheat?

Boy, if it were only that simple.
But no, the chemists out there are continually figuring out ways to sell us crap "food".

Some bits are simple.
White is crap.
Eating white bread is roughly the equivalent of eating a spoonful of sugar.
Your body processes it the same way. You might as well be eating a candy bar.

But when we get down to "Wheat" bread, things get "tricky".
(They're not, but you gotta know what to look for)

Wheat has 3 main parts.
Before I bore you with the jargon, it's easiest to think of it like an egg.
You've got the shell, the white and the yolk.
(Bran, Endosperm, Germ)

White bread, including "white wheat", uses only the Endosprem... like the eggwhite.
It's basically starch (up to 75%).
Without the other two, it's crap.
Your body turns it into sugar and it makes you fat.

"Whole Wheat" bread uses all three.
The key word is "Whole"
This is practically speaking and legally speaking.

"Whole" means they use the whole wheat kernel... all three parts.

This is also where you need to read the ingredients label as well, cuz the government allows them to call anything around half composed of whole wheat as whole wheat... except on the ingredients label. There they gotta spell it out.

Once you know these tricks, it's surprisingly simple to tell the crap food from the real food.

BTW, that "Multigrain" crap, is generally just that... crap.
It doesn't matter how many styles of grain they use if they're milling off two of the three base components.

Here's to better eating :)
BTW, white rice and pasta are the same as white bread.
Rolled Oats on the other hand are great for you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Everyone's heard of your hamstrings. I didn't really know which muscles they were, apart from leg muscles, till the other day.

Do this.
Lay on your stomach. Now, lift your leg up bending at the knee. That's your hamstring. Easy right?
I currently can not do that.
That's a weird feeling.
I can try (I have to try)... the muscles go tight. I can feel the ends where they've been cut. The ends hurt, but not too much. There's just no power. My leg is 100lbs.

With my right leg... easy peasy.
With my left?... I can't lift it at all.

My surgery used hamstring ligament to replace my ACL.
So all my power is gone. I'm sure a lot of the muscle will go soon too. Building it back up will be a large portion of my rehab.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New day

New day, a little more mobility.

The swelling's backing off. I can stand for quite some time now. Might even get confident enough to take a shower standing up! Really, how many people get to say that? And mean it?

I can even walk with some weight on my bad leg. The only thing holding that back was the swelling. Now I get to feel the real limits... the muscles. This is great. This is a weakness I can fix. It'll take time and effort, but this one's do-able. I'm not just sitting and waiting.

Now comes the need to consciously go easy.
To reign it in and "don't be a hero". It's a slow road. No need to rush. The tiny improvements have such a dramatic effect on my psyche. Now is the time to be patient. This is the time I've waited for.

Next up, so the story goes, are the dramatic improvements.
This is of course followed by the plateau. You get a month of big big changes, then things level off. This is often viewed as "hitting a wall", but I think it's more that the low hanging fruit of repair work is done and you go back your body's normal pace of improvement. I think it's kinda like getting off those flat escalator things at an airport.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Like Clockwork

I currently have a natural alarm clock.
I set mine anyway, but I find that I don't need to.

See, every six hours I'm meant to take my pain meds. And they last almost exactly six hours. So I pretty much know when it's getting close to time for an other pill. It's nothing dramatic, but I start to feel a little twinge of "inside pain". This would be opposed to "outside pain" which is from swelling. That disappears as soon as I elevate my leg. "Inside pain" comes from just inside my kneecap, which is where they've drilled.

So, this morning I woke up at a strange hour. My knee was feeling a little sore, so I iced it. Then it dawned on me... hrm... did I forget to set my alarm? I took a look at my clock and Yup... 6:20am. 20 min overdue.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of the dark.

Is there anything scarier than new pain?
Just got back from the physo though, and all is good :)

But man, what a week.
The hardest part I think is the unknown.
Not so much the not knowing what's next, I sorta do, but the not knowing what's "normal" or more importantly if you're doing something wrong.

So, post surgery, they wrap the shit out of your knee with ace bandage stuff... even some insulating type stuff under it. It's to keep DVT away and to help keep compression on your knee to help with swelling.

Well, that wrap prevents you from icing it!

Anyway, long story short, by Friday, even sitting up was uncomfortable. Standing was brutal. Moving around was next to impossible.

Of course, in addition to the swelling, the heavy drugs are wearing off by now. All this adds up to... it feels like you're going backwards!

I have no clue what "normal" is. I just know it all feels worse than the day before... this doesn't seem good! So I calm down and remind myself that I'm seeing my physio soon. She has a blown ACL herself and I'm sure she's treated many people with one, so I'll just wait and freak out later.

My first sign of happiness was this morning I could feel that the icing was starting to take. It's handy that it's winter here, cuz I don't have to go to the kitchen to cool my packs... I just put them on the window sill above my bed. That's a life saver!

Well, my physio confirmed all the stuff I was hoping. The ice is working. The swelling is actually very low, and yes, she's treated lots of ACL patients so she's quite familiar with "normal". The little exercises I've been doing have already paid off and she showed me some new stuff as well. I've been doing right by not walking around a lot. Walking is good, but only for a minute... then back to ice.

I am so flippin happy to know that I'm on the right track.
It's cool to know that I'm actually doing very well so far, but I'm mainly happy that I've not been doing anything bad.



"Is it warm in here? Or is it me?"
An innocent question. Simple really, till it matters.

I've been sleeping under a pile of blankets... a big pile. The house is normally cold. We've got a wood burning stove, but anyone that's had one knows that the heat comes and goes. You have to keep after it, or it stays pretty cool.

As I was trying to sleep last night, I felt hot.
Normally this wouldn't be a big deal.
But I've just got out of surgery.
A fever is a huge deal. If you get a fever, you go to the hospital immediately. Fevers are a sign of infection.

I wasn't convinced I had a fever though. I was warmer than normal, but not overly warm. I threw off some of the blankets and didn't feel like I needed my hat (yes, I live with a hat on). Like this, I felt normal.

That's the tricky bit though. If you're running a fever... how do you know? Of course it feels warmer... you're overheating.

Then I remembered that we've got someone staying in the livingroom and Abe appointed him the task of looking after the fire. I figured that he was probably doing an admirable job. So I asked him and yup... the house was just warm.


Friday, July 16, 2010

1st layer off

Rather than shoving this in everyone's face on FaceBook... I'll put it here.

With the pressure bandages off, I can finally actually ice my knee.
Before, all the wrapping stuff acted as insulation.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hell week

The first week is hell.
I knew this before I got on the plane to go to surgery.
The path to recovery requires a pound of flesh.

Your body does not like when they drill holes into your bones. Not at all. And it lets you know it.

After the surgery, you are way wacked out on drugs. They don't let you leave till the next day. Not that you could.

Day 2 isn't much better.
My leg was swollen and "weak". This translates to it feels like a balloon that's about to pop and "weak" means it feels like a ton of bricks. You don't feel "weak" muscles. You feel like your leg weighs 100lbs.

Day 3... will this swelling ever go down?????
That lingering voice in the back of your head keeps warning you about infection. When you get mentally past that one, you've got DVT to keep you worried. Both are very real, so it's not a "just put it out of your mind" thing.

The infection risk got way lower simply by leaving the hospital. Not kidding. Not being a smartass. The best thing you can do from that standpoint is leave the hospital. The antibiotics don't hurt either.

DVT's a kicker.
You need rest right? You need that swelling to go down right? But guess where you get DVT from? Immobility, especially post surgery. So you elevate your leg which helps in many ways. And... uhg... you walk around on your balloon of a leg. The first few steps are the worst. It settles down a bit after that. But that doesn't help the swelling... in fact it does the opposite. Fortunately, the benefits far outweigh the little bit it sets you back in the swelling department.

So when I tell you that I am out of my chair happy that the swelling has started to subside, I think you'll get the picture a bit.

I'm not there yet, but holy crap that's a welcome move in the right direction.

Once the swelling's out of the way, then I can start making real progress. I can already move around my place fairly well. It only starts to suck if I stand in one place too long (which isn't long).

When that goes away, then it's just sore, stiff and weak. Those are easy. I can do that. That's just patience and perseverance. A slow, steady push. Wearing it all down like a river wears at it's banks. I look forward to it.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Gotta love the internet.

Latest one... Hey google... my shin hurts after my ACL surgery....
"Yeah, that's normal"

If your calf hurts, look for these other signs...
(mine doesn't)

Freakin amazing.
Also learned that while elevating your leg is good (along with cold, etc), it's also rather important to move around as well. Sure, it sounds simple, but when you're dealing with something like this, you don't take anything for granted.

Such as, I know one of the biggest issues right now is reducing the swelling. Well, running around cuz you can't feel any pain cuz you're on meds, might not be the best idea. So, I'm on minimal meds and very easy but consistent moving around... and a LOT of laying around (watching movies and surfing).

Got my next appointments all arranged as well.
Next up is physio on Monday.
The week after I get my sutures out.
Then back up to Christchurch to follow up with my surgeon.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Pizza Delivery

When you can barely walk... is there anything quite as sweet as pizza delivery?
I mean seriously.
Pizza, Garlic Bread, Potato Wedges... and a Chocolate Brownie!
Delivered to your door.

And I was concerned about getting something to eat?
30 minutes though. :(
Soon enough.


Post Op

So far, so good.
Gotta say, that was weird.
One of the strangest bits is I've heard people talk about how much they enjoy the pre-surgery drugs. Well, I'm a freak I guess cuz I hated them. They shoot you up with something right before they put you under... made my world go all wonkey. It was like a TV with bad reception... the picture would flip up and down... for the geeks, the Vhold was out of sync. I did not like this at all.
That wasn't bad though.
Just weird.

When I woke up however.
No thank you!
Man oh man. Groggy, half there, half not. Just up, so not sure if you're supposed to try and stay up, but you don't want to. That sucked. Lasted a few hours too, though thankfully wearing off the whole time. I'll be quite happy to never do that again.

Knee's good as far as I can tell.
Doc's happy, nurses are happy. Doesn't seem to have too much swelling. Very little pain, but can't tell how much is the pain meds. I'm not taking both meds. They said to use both if it does get rougher.

Time for lots of movies I think.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 min

Taxi should get here in 5 min or so.
Then it's off to the hospital.
Strange mix of nervous and exciting. Of course I didn't sleep much last night. All this waiting will do that to ya ;)

Ah well
See ya on the other side.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Turn it up to ELEVE.... easy there tiger.

It's funny.
One of the hardest things so far is not "finding the motivation". Quite the opposite. It's reigning it in. I've got so much pent up energy that the real struggle is "not cutting loose". It's good though. It's a long road ahead and not having to search for motivation will be a big plus. I'll be searching instead for patience and discipline. Slow and steady win this race.
One of my favourite sayings at the moment to remind myself has become "Don't be a hero".

I look forward to being able to get back to the gym.
Strength training flows well with my condition. Part of strength training is "pushing to failure". Unlike cardio, where you go for long periods and slowly grind yourself down, strength training comes is bursts. You push hard till you can't push. You literally go till your body fails you. Then you rest and push again... till you fail again.

It's a concentrated blast of punishment.
I find that it suits my current situation well.
After I've exhausted myself, I can relax. I've done all I can. I crawl over to the pool and the hot-tub. I love Aqualand (my gym).

It'll be a week or so till I can get back to it.
We'll see how it goes.
Till then, I think I get to live in the internet for a while.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Junkies are all the same

I'm used to hearing the reactions of pilots when someone quits hang gliding or paragliding.

It's always the same.
There's this denial and shock. In general, it's a mad mental scramble to find ways that "you can still fly!". Like "just give it time" and such. It's a bit comedic really.

See, for a lot of pilots, this isn't something we take up lightly. It's a lifelong passion and we are complete and utter addicts. And of course, we naturally assume that everyone else is too. For us giving up the sport is akin to giving up breathing. We can't fathom not flying and thus we can not fathom anyone else not flying. There's a bit of comedy in this narrow minded thinking. But everyone does it.

So it's been kinda interesting telling people I'm never skiing again.
That statement alone illicits the exact same reaction.

I'm definitely outside the looking glass. It's a strange perspective that I've not had before. I understood it, but it's quite an other thing to see it up close and personal.

Everyone tells me about their friend that's torn their ACL and continued to ski. They use braces and strength training and la-de-da.

Oh the disappointment in their faces when they see that their stories aren't swaying me.

For a while I tried to explain how I wasn't really into skiing in the first place. To them of course, this just sounds like denial. Nevermind that I only skied a handful of times 15-20 years ago. I'm seriously not that into it. But they don't understand how someone can not love it as much as they do.... ah, just like flying ;)

Even if I did love it though, it's not worth it.
The thing people miss is it's not about my physical ability to ski. I should eventually be well enough to go skiing, but I just can not go through this again.

But try explaining that to a junkie ;)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Silver lining

So, don't get me wrong... this sucks. No bones about it, I'd trade it in a heartbeat.
It does provide an interesting perspective.

See, there's an old saying everyone knows... "You don't know what you've got till it's gone".
It was put very well in Fight Club
Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.

And, my favourite... Lucky Number Slevin...

The unlucky are nothing more than a frame of reference for the lucky. You are unlucky, so I may know that I am not. Unfortunately the lucky never realizes they are lucky until it's too late. Take yourself for instance; yesterday you were better off than you are off today but it took today for you to realize it. But today has arrived and it's too late. You see? People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had, or what someone else has.

So I am in a unique position.
I know what I have and more so, what I am about to lose. Albeit temporarily and thankfully so.

I can very well right now. My knee is in very good shape, as it needs to be for my operation. I remember the day after my accident when I couldn't even put weight on my leg. I was confined to crutches and felt like quite the invalid. It's a strange place when you have to struggle to put on a sock. I know what that world looks like. I've been there twice. And in just over a week, I'll be there again.

The strange part is I'm looking forward to it.
It's going to suck.
A lot.
But, it's the road back.
I have a thought ringing in my head... "I have the most amazing life... I'm very keen to get back to it". When I'm struggling, this is what keeps me going. And I've not yet even begun to struggle. So I push hard at the gym. And it's very easy to push hard. I want my life back... it's easy to find the will power. Almost too easy sometimes. I have to be careful not to push too hard.

But then there's this interesting spot I'm in.
It's not easy knowing you will struggle to so much as shower. Stairs will be mountains. Temporary fortunately. And here I am now. I'm in good shape. I'm quite mobile... I can even drive a manual car, something I won't be able to do soon. And I'm working on being even stronger.

Going to the gym is easy.
I wonder how long it will take to get back to this level. I know how long it takes to get past it and that's the joy of the small hell I'm about to go through... I get to go past where I am even now.

Odd stuff in this head of mine ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zen Master

I am the zen master.
I don't really have a choice in the matter, but since I am a big believer in cognitive therapy, I have to be.

Ok, hang with me... this one takes a little to get through...

For the uninitiated, it kinda goes like this...
You have some control over that little voice in your head and the way you allow yourself to think about things has a definite impact on your well being.

People call it perspective, or "the glass is half..." There are many ways of expressing it. But the end product is the same. If you walk around "reminding yourself" that "everything sucks!", then it will. If however, you do the opposite, it has the opposite effect.

My flight home from Christchurch today was diverted. We wound up getting bussed up from an other town because the Queenstown airport was snowed in. This is not unheard of, but having snow all the way to the valley floor is uncommon.

Now, I'm not going to tell you that having all kinds of fresh powder on the mountains doesn't hurt a bit. Knowing that I screwed myself up on the one bad day in an otherwise epic season is a bit stingy as well. However, dwelling on this is a very bad idea.

Once I start down that road, I get to make a scorecard of "how it could have been". This is not a mentally healthy process. This is the way of the half empty glass. Though it is a very tempting road, it clouds your vision of what you do have.

So I'm sitting in the bus, looking out the window when someone mentions the epic snow we're getting today. For a moment, pain. Then, I think... "no". "Look out the window you idiot." Before me is the amazing snow capped beauty of the Southern Alps. It is truly stunning. People travel half way around the world to see this. I'm in a bus full of them. And I live here!

I can choose to wallow in misery. Or I can appreciate what I do have and focus on how to enjoy it. It is a conscious decision and it does actually matter (that's the cognitive therapy bit if ya care).

My day instantly got brighter.
And not a surface brighter, I truly felt better.
Nothing had changed but the direction I allowed my thoughts to wander in. It's a deliberate mental action and it does work. It's not 100%, but it helps.

Ah, the stuff that goes through my head before I fall asleep ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Not a lot of time at the moment... so I'll fill in the details later.
Saw my Orthopedic surgeon today.
Good stuff. Amazed I got to be seen so soon.

Gotta run.


I'm scheduled in for an MRI today!!!!!
Surgery possibly tomorrow morning!
Someone's getting a big box of chocolates!!!!

I don't have a ton of time to write this up, so it might come in spurts, we'll see. I gotta make sure I've got all my ducks in a row first.

I call down to my Doctor's nurse to get a new referral slip for the Ortho in Christchurch... she let's me know that... WOOPS!... he's a back specialist! OH NOES!

Can I tell you how much my heart sunk!

She then says she's going to do some calling and will get back to me.
I hang up and start banging away on my list of ortho numbers in CRCH.
I'm getting Early/Mid July quotes, so not all horrible.... then...

I get one nurse that sees that I'm booked in for tomorrow with the back specialist. She informs me that, as I know, I'm not likely to get a better appointment... prob mid July at best... and I should keep my appointment. He does do knee work, he's just a back specialist.

Ok, better than nothing right?
At least I'll get the consultation out of the way and hopefully the MRI at least scheduled.

My local nurse calls back.
Holy crap!.... she's already got me scheduled in for an MRI. Says I should just jump in a cab at the airport and boogie over cuz it's at 3:30.
She's also got me slated up with the surgeon!!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

One at a time

So that's step one.
I'm just so happy to be in the pipeline right now.
It's not all roses yet, but I am feeling better about things.

What I'm expecting is that I'll get up to Christchurch and have a visit with the doc. Probably get an MRI, or maybe just get booked for an MRI, but hopefully actually get one. Then, after that confirms what is extremely obvious, that my ACL is completely detached... then I'll get booked in for surgery. No clue what the timetable for that one will be. Hopefully not too long. And if it is long, hopefully there will be someone/anyone in NZ that'll be able to do it sooner.

See, the need the MRI I'm sure not only to confirm things, but also to have a good idea of how to proceed. I know from the doc here that this is surgery time. So confirmation is just a formality. So I'll get there and "get in line" (make an appointment) for surgery.

Till then, it's just "killing time".
On the upside, I get to see my friends up in Christchurch. :)


Holy crap, I get to be seen on Wed!

Ok, so here's the long story.
The doc on Saturday wrote me up a referral for a guy in Dunedin (close-ish city) and said I'd get an appointment in the mail over the next couple days. If I didn't hear something in a few weeks, I should enquire.

Yeah... no.
Don't think so.

Of course I was on the phone at 9am today. You better believe I'm not sitting around waiting a few weeks for an appointment in the mail... what is this? The 1930s?

Well I'm glad I called.
Cuz the first available appointment is in... OCTOBER!

I gotta tell ya... My heart sunk a bit.
It didn't get better when they told me that all of the orthos in Dunedin would be booked up like that as well.

I called up a mate of mine that's a nurse and asked him what he'd do.
He said to phone around Christchurch... an other city that's just a bit further away.

That worked out a bit better.
I was hearing things more like "August" and even "Mid July" :)
But when I heard "How about Wednesday?"... I did have to pause for a second and ask "this Wednesday??".

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well that was pretty stupid.
After not skiing for something like 15 years, I jump back into the deep end on someone else's skis.. and without adjusting the bindings. Moron.

So how'd it happen?
Was out skiing with a mate. It was really really icy, but things were going well. I'd been out on the Greens for a while and things were going well. We headed up to the peak and started carving up the blues.

Down one of the harder blues (black?), I fell over. I don't exactly remember much of going down... classic "It's all a blur"... but I do recall the moment when I thought "shit.. this is where the bindings let go"... and then they didn't. That didn't feel good.

When I stopped sliding, I felt good that I'd been smart enough to wear a helmet. My knee was feeling painful, but not a sharp pain. I laid there for a bit and the pain subsided.

When I got up, it wasn't feeling bad, so I tried to turn down the hill and ski easy and slow, but fell right over. I unclipped and tried to walk down, but my knee had no strength and I feel right over.

My friend called ski patrol and they carted me down.

One interesting bit of the story...
All the emergency people that attended to me... women. Heck, even my friends that I was skiing with ;) Even the people that carted me down the hill. Well... there was one guy... he drove the snowmobile that drug us the last bit to the emergency shack.

Nope, no pain.
That's apparently how these ones go.
When I got down to the medical center in town for x-rays, the doc there said I'd totally broken off my ACL... "It's gone" she said, kinda to herself and kinda to me. I thought she was joking for a second.

So next up I get scheduled for surgery.
It's Sunday here, so that's not happening till at least tomorrow. It's likely going to be a bit slower process as well cuz I'll prob have to have an MRI first, then schedule the surgery la la la.

But the sooner I get into the pipeline the better.
"Normal" recovery is something like six weeks. I'm a tad skeptical since I took the damn thing completely off. We'll see.

Oh, as some have been asking... yes, this is covered by the government insurance program.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's 4am and I actually feel like I've slept in?
Hahaha, jetlag can be so much... fun?

Ah, so good to be back though :)
I'm staying at Abi's so there's no stuff to move since he was holding on to what little gear I had over here. Sorry, no great "moving" stories.

I thought all this "white dirt" would take a bit of getting used to, but man.. what growing up in the stuff does to you eh? What do they say... "like riding a bike". Oh how nice it is that it's up there in the mountains but not down here! Living in slush I think was my most hated aspect of winter. And true to form, so far it's in the 40s. Very tolerable.

Flying over the skifield yesterday made me a bit itchy to get out the skis :) Hahaha, much fun having a season pass for work. Oh darn, will have to use that.

The truck's batteries were a bit dead. A little inspection though revealed low water levels. So that's #1 on the list today. Gotta have wheels ;)

It was a bit sad, as it always is, leaving everyone back in the States. But man oh man, it is good to be back. Even with the cold. I'm back in my "happy place".


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess I'll get a new post up here.
Crazy fun summer. Almost over :(
Less than a week to go.

Then it's off to Utah, Colorado, Maryland and finally Virginia. We'll see how it all goes.

Till then, still more fun to be had ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Some flights are just too cool. I flew a young girl the other day... 9ish? She was a little nervous... kids are either apprehensive or no-fear. No worries... I've flown lots of kids before... you gear down and do things a bit differently and it's all good. If we were doctors, you'd call it "bedside manner". We had a nice flight and she had a good time. She went off to say hi to daddy while I broke down the glider. Back in the van driving back to town, I got to chat with the dad. Let me tell ya... having dad thank you for doing such a good job with his little girl... that she had a wonderful time... (he entrusted you with his kid and you came up aces).. well, sometimes I get to feel like a superhero.