Saturday, April 30, 2011


Random thought... I logged into FB to blather about something... I'm jetlagged, so other random thoughts pop into my head.

One was all the anti-BF crowd stuff complaining about opening up your personal details to the world. And yeah, I can see that point. I'm generally pretty damn careful about what I put up there... I like the rule of only post something you'd like to see printed in the local paper.

Anyway... so I'm thinking though... there's plenty of people that refuse to use FB full stop cuz of "privacy" concerns.

So... um... if you're concerned... why not fill it with incorrect info?

See, I was trapesing through mine when I noticed it had a map thingy that had my hometown on it. Cool, I thought... "hey, that's accurate".... "um... duh, of course it is". I told you I'm jetlagged right now right?
Well, hell... it's accurate only cuz I told them. There's this "fix this" button on it and, an other random thought here, I figured... why not change it? I think I'll be from Pakistan today :)


Thursday, April 28, 2011


On the road again...

There's just nothing like getting a txt at 4:30am informing you that your domestic flight has changed. It's even more fun when the number listed to call routes to an inactive cellphone. I love trying to work out whether or not I'm getting a spam/crank text at 4:30am.

Of course, they have both my phone number and correct flight number. Joy. Sit on hold waiting for Qantas for 20min. "Looks like there's been a flight time change"... not good... "Which means you won't connect to your international"... very not good... "Let me put you on hold and see what options I can offer you"... better.
Yeah... 5-10min of not happy.
Fortunately they got me on an Air New Zealand flight that connects up with my international flight. It leaves a 1/2 hour earlier... big deal.


Of course, the trick was that Qantas used JetStar for the domestic carrier... JetStar's the budget airline around here and delays/reroutes are not uncommon. So it's them covering for their partner's F-up... as they should.

Woulda been nice to fly ANZ in the first place, but I had some frequent flyer miles to burn. I also F'd up booking and which put the ANZ flights a bit out of reach.

Fun fun... silly willy.
Let the games begin.
(I guess they already have)