Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun Fun

Ok, catch up time.
Weather went to piss today, so I've got an unusual bit of "time" on my hands ;)

I'm NOT complaining either.
The weather's been absolutely super fantastic lately. We've got some very changeable Springtime weather these days. So who knows? Very typically, we're sheltered in the mornings, then it goes bad in the afternoon. We'll see. Certainly the case today.

Happy times with my wind meter project!
Me and Keith started tackling the next bit of it... direction. We hit a design block for a bit, but Keith came up with a very nice and simple solution.

The current prototype ROCKS!
Had one company phone me today to see what it was saying... as the designer, I'm most tuned into reading it for now. Later, when they showed up on takeoff, they confirmed what I'd said to expect. :)

As we all get used to using it, it will save us from having to drive out on days like today where it's not flyable simply to find out that it's not flyable. It can also let us know when it is flyable, perhaps when we think it's not.

In any event, it's been a super fun project and continues to be. I'm so happy with it. I've learned loads about electronics and it's been a blast working with my friends on it.

Work's going well.
Things are ticking up, which is nice. We're always nervous about the level of work we have ahead. We're such a seasonal driven business.

I've got an MRI on Wednesday for my pilot medical (I do this every year) and I've got a bit of web-work to finish up, so the predicted bad weather doesn't bother me.

On with the show.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunny Weather

As my mom noted... "You must be having fun... your blog's gone quiet".
Very much the case.

Weather's been obnoxiously good and my knee's been getting good and strong. Gym Gym Gym Gym Gym... I can't say it enough. Best thing I did was join the gym. It's made a huge difference.

zzzzzzzzzzz.. gnight.