Monday, July 09, 2012

Flight test Thursday.
Fingers crossed. Hoping my brain stays functional and the thunderstorms stay away long enough to get it done. (Daily thunderstorms here in Florida, so it's not "if", it's "when")


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Big session at the airport today.
Me and Jason, my instructor, went through the entire flight exam step by step. I'm very happy with my instructor's slow and consistent approach.

I've got the day off tomorrow. Well, mostly. I'll wind up studying a lot. Jason on the other hand gets to work. That guy's run off his feet lately.

Slow day lined up here at Quest as well for tomorrow (the hang gliding flight park I'm staying at). So it looks like mellow is on the menu... and I'm not complaining.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Gaining traction!

I'm down in Orlando Florida getting ready for my Private Pilot checkride (exam). I'm finally making progress with the help of Jason Ameter, the owner and chief instructor at Apopka Aviation
I can't say enough good things about Jason. He's got a very well deserved reputation. So hopefully, if I can avoid being too much of a moron, I might actually get this done. Fingers crossed.

I'm staying at Quest Air in Groveland.
For those just tuning in, I used to work at Quest in the winters before I started going to New Zealand. In fact, it was at Quest that I first heard of the job in NZ.
Unfortunately, it's the middle of Summer here, so there's not much going on. This does help me a bit as I've got little to distract me from my studies. The weekend will change that a bit, but the big action is down in Texas right now where two of my mates just smashed the hang gliding open distance world record. You can read more about that on the Oz Report (the defacto source of hang gliding news).

Ok, fun stuff.
I actually get to get some sleep tonight! I've been getting up at 6am lately to get over to the airport by 7. The good instructors are always busy ;)
Tomorrow though is my study day. So, sleep in, then hit the books hard.


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Coro Street?
So, for some odd reason (I do this every couple years), I decided to see if TV was as bad as I remember it. After many years of on-demand style "TV" (Netflix,Hulu,etc), broadcast/cable TV pretty much... well... in a word... rubbish.

Instead of wandering the 1,000 channels (not kidding, 1k+), I just plug in channel one and see what's on the first ten or so.... when I stumble over... Coronation Street???

This will tell you how little I know of Coro Street... I only know it from NZ... to me, it's a local NZ soap opera that it seems all the Kiwi's are hooked on. The US version would be something like Dallas maybe.

I had no idea it was Brittish... haahahhahahaa... till I just had it on and thought... damn... that's no kiwi accent! That sounds brittish/scottish/something-else.

Anyway... might have to see what's available on TV1 through the net now that I can pull up internet on my TV.

Ok... looks like this is all automagic now.

My blog should post to Facebook and G+ now. So people that follow my blog (Hi JK) don't have to join FB or G+ just to find out what my dumb ass is up to.

We'll see how it all pans out.