Monday, February 21, 2011

La de da

Just relaxing today.
The weather's kinda crappy. John left yesterday and my knee's still a little sore from banging it on a rock a few days ago. So, all in all, a good day for movies or something. It'll be right shortly so no worries.

It's been a fun but packed three weeks with John and his mates coming by. Back to a bit of a slower pace now. I'll miss having my brother around.

4 gigs worth of pics and videos... gotta weed through a bit of that. Lots of it's the same stuff as my camera shoots pics every two seconds... but there's some very interesting stuff in there. Esp our trip down to Milford Sound.

Watched an unexpectedly good movie yesterday... Speed Racer.
Yup, super campy, super over the top, insanely brightly colored, dizzying motion, over dramatic and simple plot... everything you should expect Speed Racer to be. Such a fun movie!

Gotta rearrange the room back into single guy mode. Still have it in two guy setup. That requires effort though and it's still early.


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mid Summer

Well, life was in full gear for a bit there :)
Still is, but I'm up early today and haven't updated my blog in forever... damn you Facebook! hahahaha

Figured I'd heave something up here about my knee. On the ACL blogs that I read, the postings seem to dwindle off near the end. I just figured it's cuz you're getting better and have less time to post. In the beginning, you're bedridden, so you've got nothing but time!

This has certainly been the case for me.
I'm over 6 months post op now (everything in ACL reconstruction is measured in "weeks post op").
Ever mindful of not cursing myself with overconfidence... I knock on wood anytime I post the type of stuff I'm about to get into... but...

Things have gone exceptionally well.
Living at the gym has paid off in spades. My knee is strong. Most of the swelling is gone. I just did two days of big mountain hiking (two hours each way, both days, steep unstable terrain) and feel fine. On the second one, coming down, I felt a tad "tender" so I slowed down and upped the "careful factor", but otherwise a non-event.

I still get to the gym as much as time allows. When it doesn't allow, it's cuz I'm out doing very active things, so I don't feel bad about that. I still get the itch to go shove some weights around, especially when the weather packs in, so all's happy on that front.

Eating my "whole food" diet has helped a lot too. I'm in great shape and owe a lot to that decision. I love that I'm off the junk food and more that the junk food tastes like just that... junk. I can barely walk past the banana section in the grocery without grabbing one. Hahahhahaha... the fruit isle is like the candy isle for me now. I love that!

John's showing up today for a three week stay.
I don't think I have to tell anyone how stoked I am about this :)

He said he wants to "fly as much as possible"... hahahahahahahaha... little does he know what he's in for ;) I live in flying paradise. My world is flying. Oh, I think I can help with this goal. Yeah. Yeah, I might be able to line up a thing or two.