Friday, March 18, 2011

Feeling good.

My knee's doing great.

I smashed the other on a rock and it swelled up something fierce. They call it "bursitus". It sucks but it's not too painful. Just screws up your mobility. Fortunately I'm well versed in the ways of treating knee injury ;)
That seems mostly gone now. On the upside, it's "evened me out". I don't baby my ACL knee so much anymore.

Happily I seem to be back to "good health" status. This is a happy place.
I even stumbled over a scale at the thrift shop. It dawned on me that I haven't stepped on one in a while. Last time I was creeping up on 74kg. :(
I thought the scale might be a little off, cuz it was telling me 70... shoes and all? Later I was at the aeroclub and they've got a very accurate scale... same.

I consider 70 my "fighting weight". I feel healthy at 70... which is certainly the case at the moment.
I won't go off on my "Whole Food" diet or gym routine for now, but I'm very very happy with them.