Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buffalo trip

If that ain't "Americanna", I don't know what is.

Ok, we'll get the "oooooh... look at the fall colors!" stuff out of the way first. Yup, I'm jaded I guess. Just looks like Fall to me ;) That's Mike with Natalie btw.

Everyone knows they want to be in the "classic Jim" shot.
You don't have to hide it, ya know ya do. It's ok.

The crew heading out to Tina's Italian Restaurant for dinner on Berny's birthday. Heck, even Gramma showed up :)

There ya go. Didn't exercise my camera too much... like I said, just looks like "Fall" to me ;)

Tick Tock

I just looked at my calendar this morning... OMG!... just over two weeks!

I'm planning a NYC trip for next week, then it'll be off to San Francisco to teach some paragliding, then POOF! Off to Queenstown!

Fortunately my Visa came in the other day and my flight's booked, so all I really have to do is pack :)

Happy times

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's c-a-c-a-cOLD!

Um, no thank you. I stayed a little too late this year. I think I'll leave in like August next year! Hahahha, I was brushing my teeth when I noticed I could see my breath... ahhhhhhhhhh!

Ah well. That just means travel season is upon me. Which also means I'll be updating my blog more regularly as well.

I'll put up some pics from my recent Buffalo trip tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's windy. Like unflyable windy.

I've been eyeing an Ipod Touch recently and they're cool as hell, but unfortunately one thing just kills it... no Skype. No Flash either. That's a one two punch in my book. Oh well. It was a fun idea. Then I remember my old solace for not having an Ipod was that I already had a Nokia 770. My little eeepc had long since filled it's shoes. But hey, let's see what kinda hacks people have come up with for the 770!

So... can it be made to run Skype and Flash? The new model, the n800 can. Well it seems that what prevents the 770 from doing so is licensing, not hardware. The 770s the slow cousin, but it might have enough juice. And hell, it'll be fun trying either way.

Well the hackers out there have found a way to make the 770 think it's a 800 and trick it into running the 800s operating system. Getting the software to run was also a bit of a trick, but he he he... I've got Skype running :)

Now it's on to flash.
Can you tell I'm bored?
(tomorrow looks better)