Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunny Weather

As my mom noted... "You must be having fun... your blog's gone quiet".
Very much the case.

Weather's been obnoxiously good and my knee's been getting good and strong. Gym Gym Gym Gym Gym... I can't say it enough. Best thing I did was join the gym. It's made a huge difference.

zzzzzzzzzzz.. gnight.

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pat rooney said...

Well it sure is good hearing your good news about the weather and your knee! Yeah, it is a little odd to me that with your active life you still need to go to the gym. Goes to show that not all our muscles get a workout by just moving around. lol For me my gym workout is doing the housework lol the old fashion way, no machine help. lol Keep it up! Love hearing from you! We are doing good here as the cold weather keeps moving closer. Today the scooters get put away. :-( Back to geocaching!