Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh cool!
Google has taken over Blogger, so now I can update my blog with G+ happiness. So much easier!
Hrm... lets see how the img thing works...
Happiness... is an unrestricted Class 3 medical certificate.

First some catchup...
Been visiting my family up in Western NY while I awaited word from the FAA. Since I had a "Special Issuance" (Restricted) medical, I had to deal with major red tape to fly.
Part of it grounded me for June while I awaited a signature.
Well... those days are over! (After a mere 6 years)
I now have an unrestricted Class 3 medical. Happy times.

So I'm off to Florida on Tuesday to finish up my US Private Pilot License. (you can't get one without a medical certificate)

Then, back up to Virginia and, if the timing works out, New Hampshire.
But first, I've got my Dad's 70th birthday party tomorrow.
It's been fun getting my brother going again on a paraglider too.

After nearly three weeks "off", I'm ready for the circus again.

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