Monday, April 28, 2014

Ok, one really simple question for ya....
Have you ever eaten 11 servings of bread and NOT woken up in a coma or 10 lbs heavier?

That's the equivalent of 3 slices of pizza, 2 sandwiches and a big bowl of pasta. And this is what the USDA would like you to eat... every day? And we wonder why the US has an obesity problem?

Here's what the real food pyramid looks like... 

You can read more here (the first part is available for preview)

The truth of course lies in the fact that Wheat (especially refined) is metabolized by your body as sugar.
So... as far as your body's concerned, bread is cake.
It's not "like" cake... it's the same damn thing.

Then, realize that sugar is highly addictive.
Lab rats prefer sugar to cocaine.

Think about that for a second, then look at the world from the viewpoint of sugar as being addictive.
Things start making a whole lot more sense and it gets really obvious how hopelessly addicted we are.

Am I going cold turkey? Am I advocating that you do?
I live in the real world too.
But it's a hell of a perspective and I've certainly greatly cut down on my sugar intake.

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