Monday, November 19, 2007

NZ has it's own host of problems, as any place does. Living in Queenstown, I'm pretty much insulated from them... This is a resort town. Everyone's happy, everyone's having fun, etc. Everything's also quite temporary, which is both a blessing and a curse. Every now and again, I venture out into the "real" NZ. Still lots of happy people, but more normal people, with everyday problems.

One things is unmistakable though. No matter where you go, the food is better. Not just better for you (you can get junk if you like), but it tastes better. My first (re)encounter with this was on the flight here between Auckland and Christchurch. The inflight snack was a brownie. Nice big fluffy thing... not the brick of lead or cruchy block of dirt I'd expect. Shrinkwraped up as you might expect, but a real brownie. It tasted home made.

Here's why.
I was first clued into this on the Discovery Chanel a few years ago...
Flip the pack over. Read the ingredients.
Real, unadulterated sugar. White cane goodness. Not "High fructose corn syrup"... AKA Corn Sugar. The scourge of the American diet.
Corn sugar is plentiful and cheap in the US which is why it's used in nearly everything in the States... and it tastes like ass.
(oh, and it's bad for you too)

Even soda pop over here tastes better.
If you'd like to see what I mean... go find something made with sugar (and no corn syrup) and find the same thing made with "high fructose corn syrup".
The difference is striking.

Now... where'd that butter go?

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