Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeding the demon

Me and the guys from work have found an appartment in town.
I'm currently living at my old place in Frankton which is a few minutes down the road from Queenstown. I don't mind the drive. It's just 5 or 10 minutes. Even with gas being roughly three times as expensive here (ya'll have nothing to complain about). Nope, the reason I'm moving (the guys want to be closer to the bars) is to be closer to the flying site.
I'm spoiled.

See, there's a gondola in town that takes you up to the scenic overlook resteraunt. Well, we're allowed to fly from a spot just above that and land right in town. It's good fun. BUT, there's no weather station (there is at Coronet and the Remarkables is next to the Airport, so you can get airport weather). With the gondola, you have to roll the dice. Driving into town for a sure thing is one thing. Driving into town for a maybe is an other. So yes, I'm moving into town for the flying... I'm guessing that doesn't shock anyone.

Other developments in the land of strange...
Weather went to piss for a bit there. Still got a bit of flying in, but had to cancell a few days. Should be coming right.
Dropped in to see Ian (monster truck dude), but he was off putting a motor in his boat. I'll swing by again later.
Got my work permit yesterday. I'm officially able to get paid now :)
Other than that, It's been real cruizy around here. Wicked flying when we can fly and just pissing around when we can't. Too cold to do much on the bad days (60s bad, 70s good). Did brave it for that trip up the hill out back though.
John and Lisa (extreme air, my old company) are popping in for a visit next week. Should be loads of fun.

Good fun.
Shaping up to be a good summer.

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