Sunday, January 27, 2008

My face feels funny ;)

I'm horrible about going to the dentist. So bad I can't remember the last time I went (well over 10 years ago) But then, I felt my back tooth wasn't as smooth as I figured it should be. Time to go I guess... for the first time, I needed a filling.

Strange process really. Painless (doc says their needles have gotten much better) and quick... 10 minutes. I was expecting so much more pain and time.

The doc said the same thing I've heard any time I've gone to the dentist...
"you had floride in your water"
First thing out of their mouth... every time.
They used to ask if I had... now they just comment on it.
They talk about how they see it all the time... city kids with floride vs country kids without and city kids where they've stopped florinating the water.

And the tooth with the cavity? A wisdom tooth. Came in when I was 25... it never saw floride.

I don't know any different.
From talking to the dentists (on the rare ocassions that I do), I'm happy I had it.

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pat rooney said...

Well Hamburg did sometthing right with their water! Glad to hear the floride did some good. lol