Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's alive!!!!

I got the final parts for my drum kit mod yesterday :)

What I've been up to is hacking my Rock Band drum kit to use my electronic drums. It's been an analog hack till today. Now it's digital :)

Big deal right?
Well the difference is in the accuracy. The analog hack was just that, a hack. It sorta worked. I wired the drum sensors directly into the Rock Band circuitry. This only works at best as well as the original kit, which isn't exactly stellar. What's worse is that it was even less accurate than the plastic crap drum kit.

Soooo... I found instructions on the net (of course) on how to make a digital link and use all the precision goodness of the electronic drums "drum brain".

I finished it this morning. Holy crap what a difference!
(it's not a just little better... it's amazing)
Very happy :)


pat rooney said...

horrah, now you can taunt the neighbors! Wait, you have no neighbors. LOL Happy banging. lol

Jim said...

It's a lot quieter than you'd expect... far quieter than the plastic kit that ships with it.

But yeah, I can plug in the amp and make lots of noise too.