Monday, April 09, 2012

WARNING--- Geek Rant

Remember kids... when installing a new OS, remember to reset your BIOS to enable the hard drive that you've disabled to save power first.

Let me try to explain that.
The hard drive on my laptop died a bunch of months ago while I was in New Zealand.
I decided I'd just run things off the SD card until I got back to the States (yes, you can boot your computer off an SD card instead of using a hard drive). In the mean time, I told it to stop trying to fix the internal hard drive... I set it to "disable" the drive.

Well, now I'm back in the States.
I jumped on Ebay and picked up a new internal drive and installed it.
When I went to put the operating system on it... it would install, but I just couldn't make it boot off it.????

It wasn't until I realized that I'd still had it disabled in the BIOS that I was able to get things running. This is after much bashing away on it. There was a distinct "YOU IDIOT!" moment of course.

But now, it's ticking along quite nicely, and I've gotten really good at setting things up in the mean time, so this will have a bitching setup at the end of it all (rather than just the "functional" one I was going to go with).

Cest La Vie

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