Sunday, April 08, 2012


JK would be proud.
I passed my written with a 95%, but that's pretty easy to do as all the answers to the US test are published. There's 600 of them, but they're published.
What she'd be proud of is that I didn't study the published answers for the flight-planning questions, which also happen to be the hard questions. Now, I did buy an "electronic flight computer", which can do all the calculations for you. But the cool part in all this is that it's still in the box. I just busted out my old metal "wiz wheel" E6B fligth ruler and did it all by hand. It was easier than bothering with the electronic gizmo.

Off to Phoenix on Wed for a few months.
Got a gig lined up flying tandem and tow out there. Should be fun.
Then back here to Virginia.

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