Sunday, December 23, 2007

Been Moving

Hey guys.
Been in the process of moving. My new place is in town and currently lacks internet. Unfortunately, it's in a dead spot for the town wireless too. :( I currently go up the sidewalk a bit and sit under my neighbor's tree.

That would be my excuse for not posting much up (and it does have something to do with that), but the real reason I guess is that I've been a bit busy. Of course with the move, but living close to town has a bit of a side effect too... it also means you're next to all the night clubs. My flatmates are from Argentina, which means they like to go out all the time and have "siestas" (to recover). So yeah, I've been a bit nocturnal lately. I mean, there's like twenty or thirty bars in a few blocks... and they don't have cover charges here.

Today hopefully I can get the phone company. Being Christmasstime and all, it's kinda well.. a difficult time to move. We'll see. At least I sorta have wireless, which is plenty.



Susan said...

Dude, hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Jim said...

Yup, thanks :)
Had a real cruisy day flying. Boss setup the schedule to have a slow pace.