Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Geeking out

Weather's been a bit lower than perfect lately, so I've been getting to know my eeepc.
(see below for what it is)

My opinion of it is still, OMG I love this thing!
It is one badass little linux box.
It comes setup so that non-geeks can very comfortably use it (good job Asus!), but underneath the hood, it's a mechanic's dream.
You have to know what you're doing to get under the hood too, which is very good design.

But that's secondary. It's nice to be able to tweak things the way I like them, but it's what this thing can already do that I love :)

Start off with "boot time". Yeah, 10-15 seconds.
That's right... and it's not "waking up" at the end of that... it's fully up and useable.
Ye Haw.

The wireless is the best I've ever seen... hands down.
For comparison.. My little Nokia 770 thing's wireless range kicks butt... I dropped in on one of the techies at the local municipal wifi place for some tech questions... he started tweaking around on it to get it connected. HE was surprised. "Wow, no one's ever able to connect here... this is normally a dead spot"
Well, this eee thing makes the 770 look bad.

Lets see ... what else...
No hard drive (it's solid state flash)
3 usb 2.0 ports
a built in SSD card reader (that it can easily boot from)

Stupid easy to use.


Hrm, so downsides?
Yeah, the keyboard is slightly cramped (to be expected). Still useable.
Battery life is 3 hours or so of continual use. It's enough, but I'll be happier when the extended batteries come out.

Now, I got the expensive one $450.
Mine's a 4gig capacity.
The 2 Gig systems will go for $250.

This is one hell of a laptop for $250!

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