Friday, December 14, 2007


I often find myself thinking... "wow, I get to live here".
Seriously, that's exactly what goes through my head. I just look around, seeing what a stunningly beautiful place this is... "wow". And it's not just that. This is the escape. This isn't exactly "normal" New Zealand. It's populated mainly by tourists. This is where the world goes to party. It's also where everyone comes to "get away from it all". You have this mix of "Adrenalin City" and "crunchy granola hiker's paradise". It's crazy (and I love it for that).
It also dawns on me that part of why I love it here is I'm not stuck here. I come with the seasons and leave with them. It's hard to get too upset about things when they're all going to be changing soon enough.


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pat rooney said...

Ah, you have embrassed the joy of change! Lucky you.