Sunday, September 26, 2010

11 Weeks!

"I go to the gym... like it's my job".
A buddy of mine put that saying in my head. I like it! (Thanks Bill)

It just rings true... it reinforces how good going to the gym has been for me and helps stir me up and keep me feeling good about going. A while back there, I was concerned that I'd hit the dreaded "Plateau" once I recovered from the major traumas of surgery. Knock on wood.. cuz this hasn't been the case. If anything, I've gone the other way. I love going to the gym. I get perked up when I realize that "HEY... today's a gym day!".

You're supposed to take a rest day between workouts. Since I'm not keen to devote every single day to the gym (it's across town), I don't do the typical "split" routine. I just do everything on one day and rest the next. I often wind up at the gym anyway, but I just go for the pool on "off" days.

So I'm 11 weeks post operation today :)
Working hard at the gym is definitely paying off! There's work ahead still, and there always will be, but it nice to smell the roses from time to time.

We had a guy stay at the house last night who's had three ACL surgeries. He echo'd what I've read and heard so many times... rehab (getting to the gym) is so vitally important. He said that the worst thing for him was the loss he always felt in the power of his hamstring. There are three different styles of surgeries, one is hamstring. He said that when he went through that one, he didn't focus on rehabbing it and has never felt the same. It felt so good to know how hard I've worked on mine and know that mine's come along so far.

I also run into people that aren't expecting me to be doing as well as I am now. Some of it is of course because some haven't seen me in a while, so their image of me is still from back then. Some however have, and some are medical professionals who know what shape I should be in. It's good knowing my "program", as I call it, is going well.

While it is nice to smell those roses, I also knock on a lot of wood. I'm by no means "fixed". Hahaha, I can't even run yet ;)

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