Monday, August 09, 2010

1 Month post surgery

Holy crap! It's starting to look like my knee again!

Now that the swelling's mostly under control, I'm moving into the world of rebuilding my very weakened knee. This is a happy place. Working on damaged equipment while it's trying to heal... sucks. Now I'm working on just weak equipment. It's a matter of patience and determination from here. Both of which I have in spades.

This is also the time before the "plateau". The initial gains come quite fast. You get used to the meteoric rate and when it returns to a more normal pace, it's a bit of a let-down.

But I'll just go ahead and enjoy the rapid improvements while they're here, thank you.

I'll worry about my motivation through the plateau when I get there.


1 comment:

pat rooney said...

Knee is less hairy too lol Looks good for sure.
Plateau, that's a place to rest and enjoy the view. lol
You are going along so well. Great job, Jim!

Gramma's recovery is slow too. She is using her walker and trekking around the house again. Can't believe the determination of that woman!
HHHHmmmmmmmm think you have some of her genes. lol