Saturday, August 14, 2010


Having a chat with a friend of mine and she clued me into something of a disconnect. She was reading all my knee stuff, and then... wham, I inexplicably switched gears and started rambling about food?

So there's a bit of an explanation.
Yes, my current obsession with "good food" is part and parcel to getting my leg healed up. As guessed, yup, can't build well with crap materials.

Bit more to it though.
Some of it comes from Adam. Adam's a big body builder type and got me thinking more about the importance of not only food in general, but specifically the food you eat right after you work out. Other bits as well.

I've also always been interested in eating better.
A simple idea, but there's so much information out there. I wanted to understand what really made a difference. I mean really... carbs? calories? fat? what?

Then my friend Bill got me on the right track.
He got me a good food book.
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto

Now there's some real information.
Basically, eat real food... if your grandmother doesn't know the ingredients, especially the first three, don't eat it.
There's way more in there. But that one's huge.

So the leg thing and the food thing just sorta converged.
I'm happily trucking along on my whole food "diet".
I love that I now have the tools to actually understand what is and what isn't "good" food, and why.
I love that "bad" food has started to taste bad and unfilling.
I love that whole wheat toast with real butter is so freaking fantastic!
So is my new favourite rolled oats breakfast cereal!


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