Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clickety Clack

Not much "news". I'm in "more of the same" phase now. I've passed the major trauma of surgery and recovered much of my range of motion. Now I work on rebuilding my scrawny little leg.

Odd though... These days, I go to the gym and after two hours, I feel like I just got there. I do my whole workout routine, hit all the machines, some twice and some new ones here and there... and I'm left thinking... "Wait, did I miss something?.. I can not be done yet". I go to the pool (part of the gym) and hot tub and go through that routine in a blink as well. Before I know it, I'm done. RATS!

Oh well, better than the opposite problem :)

Spring's poking through here and there now.
We get birds in the morning now from time to time. It's warmer and the snow's melting up on the mountains... we rarely get snow in the valley. The skiing's buggered... they have a term for it here... the snow is "rain effected"... that's the bits where it's rained on the snow and turned it icy.

Oh yeah, the clickety clack.
My knee's started cracking. This is normal and tends to happen as things heal up... so it's a good sign (IMHO). And it feels lovely. It's like cracking your knuckles. The after effects are soothing. There's compressed bubbles in the joint and I can feel them getting in the way, but as I straighten my knee, they pop like bubble wrap.. all at once though. It happens pretty regularly when I'm driving around since my truck's a manual and my knee pops when I straighten it, when it does pop that is.


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pat rooney said...

So you must be fun to be around as you go POP! LOL
Spring is coming too eh? Nice. We are watching the leaves turning colors. It's easy spotting the ill trees. Their colors come first. Birds are leaving slowly. Starlings should gather soon. They flock in the center of the circle in late August. They mark the coming of Autumn for Dad & I.
Will paint the kitchen cupboards white in September. The room needs more light and a refresher. Bought a dishwasher, would you believe? lol Time to do some pampering. Have a great day, JIM!