Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Tub :)

Ok, with a swollen leg, stepping into a hot tub isn't exactly something you just go do... that could wind up being a very painful experience.

I judged things based on how painful a hot shower was on my leg. Once it wasn't bothering me, then I'd think about maybe jumping in the hot tub. My physio agreed and said to limit my time to 5 minutes.

I gotta tell ya, I was pretty nervous about it, but things went very well.
I'd go hot tub for a minute or two, then back to the pool, then ice my knee. Hahaha, yup, right next to everyone relaxing in the hot tub... there I am with ice packs on my knee. Love it.

So after I got comfortable with that routine, I started flexing my knee... wow, the hot tub really helps with that!

The best bit though...
I still walk with a very slight limp. And more than the limp, you just feel it. You're not quite right and you know.
Well, for about 5 minutes out of the hot tub... I walk right.
And not just no limp... I just walk.
No effort, not thought, nothing feeling "a little off".

It's a happy place.


AC said...

I have seen better knees. Keep up the hard work.

pat rooney said...

Dad is inspired by your routine. He's thinking of trying the hot shower and ice pack to help flex his knees in the morning. Might help him.
Keep up the hard work too.

Jim said...

An other really effective "hot" side is to take some small towels and soak them in hot water. They make very effective hot-packs this way.

It's more direct heat and it's easier to do hot/cold/hot that way. Ending on hot helps.

I also think that the cold doesn't need to be too cold either. Some people do, but I don't like punishing myself... just enough to counteract the hot.