Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back at the gym baybe!

Ok, I'm totally stoked today :)

I finally made it back to the gym! It's been three weeks.
There's just something awesome about actually being able to do something about your situation other than wait.

Till now, I've been in "recovery mode". I think of it as recovering from the trauma of surgery. I know many people dive right into things, but I just didn't feel like that was the wisest choice. My physio seemed to agree. So when she said I was good to go back to the gym, I was very happy. She gave me some very clear things to do and expectations. That helped a lot.

I knew to go straight to the exercise bike and not to expect to even be able to do a full rotation... which I most certainly wasn't able to do. But instead, to pedal back and forth as far as was comfortable. This seemed a lot like stretching to me, which I'm very familiar with from my martial arts days, so I treated it as such. And happily, it responded as such too. Very familiar territory :)

Stretching was one of my favourite aspects of martial arts... slow, consistent pressure. With patience it leads to measurable results. I know this world. I'm very comfortable here.

Oh, I'm so happy with my knee. I had to take a pic.
It's still swollen, but it's starting to look like a knee again!

This is my jury-rigged compression setup...

I got back to doing some upper body work as well.
It's just so nice to be back.
There's something about going TO the gym. You can do some of this at home, but there it's 100% focused. Everything there is set up for it and it's the only reason to be there. No distractions. Just work. Just get better. If I could ice my leg there, I'd stay longer.

Hrm... I should get a cooler! Bring some ice packs!
Oh, I like that one.
I like that a lot!



pat rooney said...

Ever consider printing your ravings, I mean writings, lol in booklet form? The read could help some other crashing "moron" on the way to recovery.

Knee looks great!

Jim said...

I am printing them... right here ;)
Paper's dead.

More people will have a chance to read this stuff than anything I'd ever print.

Esp people that need it. Wana know how many blogs of people that did their ACL I've read?