Thursday, August 05, 2010

Five minutes

Travelling most of the day for a 5 minute checkup with my surgeon.
Funny, you can think of it in a bad way, but in reality it's not.

See, first off, I only have to go so far cuz my surgeon is far away. He's far away because the closer ones are all booked up.

But the big one is... I'm very happy it was five minutes.
You don't want a long meeting for this one.
A long meeting means something's wrong.
A fast one means all is good.
Mine is the latter. :)

He also told me to loose the crutch. Said it was "redundant" at this point. So I'm limping around all on my own now. I still need the crutch for stairs without handrails though. That'll get better as my knee starts flexing more. The gym will be a big help with that.


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AC said...

That is good news. Walking without an aid is always good. Saw grandma today and she too had good news about the tests that were taken. Basically they said was - that for her condition there were no problems with her heart, brain (no sign of stroke) or bladder. They might be releasing her before Monday. AC