Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Manly men!

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm ok...

So this week I got back to the gym. Happiness ensued.
Some day, I'll be able to go back to the hot tub as well. My knee's still a bit swollen for that adventure just yet.

My main thing at the gym for now is the exercise bike. I did a lot of work on the bike before my surgery. It's one of the main tools you use with ACL reconstruction.

I was warned before going that I would not likely be able to make a full revolution. Your knee just doesn't flex that much. So you "pedal" forward as far as you can go, then go backwards as far as that will go. It's very similar to stretching, something I'm very very comfortable with. I did heaps of stretching in my martial arts days and I really liked it. So this was familiar and comfortable territory.

So then the summit of the mountain before me would be to actually be able to "ride" the bike. The path to get there would be slow. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good... I'd progressed to the point where I could put the pedals vertical in reverse and level in forward. This was heaps of progress. I could barely move them when I started. But the bike is super effective. The progress I made each day was pretty stunning. Just ten to fifteen minutes payed off bigtime.

I was feeling pretty stellar when I hit true vertical today. I could feel the teetering on the top of the arc. It was great. Then, I pushed forward and went past level. I knew once those two angles met, kinda like a pie chart if you will, then I'd go all the way around. What a day that would be :)

Then back to reverse to see what past vertical would be like. I knew it would be just a little past, but that would be a very happy place.

Well, I tell ya, I about lost it when my foot just kept going... all the way around. Slow as hell, but holy *($*#@@#*$ YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I went a few times in reverse, then slowly slowly pushed through forwards. No pain. I wasn't overdoing it... I was there.

Ah, the little things :)


AC said...

I Jim this is AC. Your mom told me about your adventure on the ski slope. I took a nasty fall once skiing, but I was was at Chestnut Ridge. Going head over heels did not do any damage, but to my pride.

You sound like you are making great progress and are in good spirits. What way to spend the Winter! Well keep up the hard work and take care. AC

Jim said...

Thanks man.

Yup, past the scary bits. Just gotta protect my leg and get it strong again now.

Glad you didn't damage yourself.