Saturday, July 31, 2010

Compression you idiot!

So I finally figured out what they were talking about with the "compression" bit of RICE (rest ice compression elevation).

See, I've had this compression stocking thing... and it truly helps. It's especially nice when walking around cuz it slows the blood-pooling in my leg. It makes things way more comfortable. I figured I had the Compression bit covered.

Not by a long shot!
Freakin idiot!

It's ICE under compression!
You don't just ice your knee... you strap those suckers down! I've started taking some velcro straps that we tie up gliders with and using them to sych down my ice packs. I've also started getting them in the freezer. Now that I'm a bit more mobile, this is possible.

Holy freaking hell what a difference!


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