Friday, July 16, 2010

1st layer off

Rather than shoving this in everyone's face on FaceBook... I'll put it here.

With the pressure bandages off, I can finally actually ice my knee.
Before, all the wrapping stuff acted as insulation.


BagsPlusMore said...

Glad to hear you are heading in the right direction. Read all your posts regarding the surgery, etc. Yes, when Don had his first crash and broke his ankle - I was called to the hospital in the middle of the night to keep him quiet and in his bed! Yeah - right. Drugs!!-they're good and they're bad! He was also told he'd never fly again by the doctor - well the doctor was wrong - it was in his blood as they say. A Junkie - but a good junkie. I love your quote about insanity!! Well, I'm sure you'll keep getting better and moving forward. Maybe you can get another batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies from your friend!!

pat rooney said...

addicted to chocolate cookies are we? MooLOL
That is one wicked picture, but better than watching the surgery. :-)

Jim said...

Yeah, I knew better than to get out of bed ;) When I broke my femur, I reminded myself always "you are walking on metal, not bone" (pins and screws)

I had no desire to watch the surgery either! I hated getting knocked out, but it was a far better option.