Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Gotta love the internet.

Latest one... Hey google... my shin hurts after my ACL surgery....
"Yeah, that's normal"

If your calf hurts, look for these other signs...
(mine doesn't)

Freakin amazing.
Also learned that while elevating your leg is good (along with cold, etc), it's also rather important to move around as well. Sure, it sounds simple, but when you're dealing with something like this, you don't take anything for granted.

Such as, I know one of the biggest issues right now is reducing the swelling. Well, running around cuz you can't feel any pain cuz you're on meds, might not be the best idea. So, I'm on minimal meds and very easy but consistent moving around... and a LOT of laying around (watching movies and surfing).

Got my next appointments all arranged as well.
Next up is physio on Monday.
The week after I get my sutures out.
Then back up to Christchurch to follow up with my surgeon.


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