Thursday, July 22, 2010

White or Wheat?

Boy, if it were only that simple.
But no, the chemists out there are continually figuring out ways to sell us crap "food".

Some bits are simple.
White is crap.
Eating white bread is roughly the equivalent of eating a spoonful of sugar.
Your body processes it the same way. You might as well be eating a candy bar.

But when we get down to "Wheat" bread, things get "tricky".
(They're not, but you gotta know what to look for)

Wheat has 3 main parts.
Before I bore you with the jargon, it's easiest to think of it like an egg.
You've got the shell, the white and the yolk.
(Bran, Endosperm, Germ)

White bread, including "white wheat", uses only the Endosprem... like the eggwhite.
It's basically starch (up to 75%).
Without the other two, it's crap.
Your body turns it into sugar and it makes you fat.

"Whole Wheat" bread uses all three.
The key word is "Whole"
This is practically speaking and legally speaking.

"Whole" means they use the whole wheat kernel... all three parts.

This is also where you need to read the ingredients label as well, cuz the government allows them to call anything around half composed of whole wheat as whole wheat... except on the ingredients label. There they gotta spell it out.

Once you know these tricks, it's surprisingly simple to tell the crap food from the real food.

BTW, that "Multigrain" crap, is generally just that... crap.
It doesn't matter how many styles of grain they use if they're milling off two of the three base components.

Here's to better eating :)
BTW, white rice and pasta are the same as white bread.
Rolled Oats on the other hand are great for you.

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