Thursday, July 08, 2010

Junkies are all the same

I'm used to hearing the reactions of pilots when someone quits hang gliding or paragliding.

It's always the same.
There's this denial and shock. In general, it's a mad mental scramble to find ways that "you can still fly!". Like "just give it time" and such. It's a bit comedic really.

See, for a lot of pilots, this isn't something we take up lightly. It's a lifelong passion and we are complete and utter addicts. And of course, we naturally assume that everyone else is too. For us giving up the sport is akin to giving up breathing. We can't fathom not flying and thus we can not fathom anyone else not flying. There's a bit of comedy in this narrow minded thinking. But everyone does it.

So it's been kinda interesting telling people I'm never skiing again.
That statement alone illicits the exact same reaction.

I'm definitely outside the looking glass. It's a strange perspective that I've not had before. I understood it, but it's quite an other thing to see it up close and personal.

Everyone tells me about their friend that's torn their ACL and continued to ski. They use braces and strength training and la-de-da.

Oh the disappointment in their faces when they see that their stories aren't swaying me.

For a while I tried to explain how I wasn't really into skiing in the first place. To them of course, this just sounds like denial. Nevermind that I only skied a handful of times 15-20 years ago. I'm seriously not that into it. But they don't understand how someone can not love it as much as they do.... ah, just like flying ;)

Even if I did love it though, it's not worth it.
The thing people miss is it's not about my physical ability to ski. I should eventually be well enough to go skiing, but I just can not go through this again.

But try explaining that to a junkie ;)

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