Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Everyone's heard of your hamstrings. I didn't really know which muscles they were, apart from leg muscles, till the other day.

Do this.
Lay on your stomach. Now, lift your leg up bending at the knee. That's your hamstring. Easy right?
I currently can not do that.
That's a weird feeling.
I can try (I have to try)... the muscles go tight. I can feel the ends where they've been cut. The ends hurt, but not too much. There's just no power. My leg is 100lbs.

With my right leg... easy peasy.
With my left?... I can't lift it at all.

My surgery used hamstring ligament to replace my ACL.
So all my power is gone. I'm sure a lot of the muscle will go soon too. Building it back up will be a large portion of my rehab.

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