Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice is nice

Icing my leg.
I'm a bit more mobile these days which is nice. I still have one twinge of pain that's keeping me from feeling good about loosing the crutches. I'll be taking my good sweet time thank you.

There's muscle pain and then there's "other stuff" pain. This is other stuff. Muscle pain you work with. This stuff you stop doing whatever's causing it. It's very tiny, but I aim to keep it that way.

Today's distraction is computer emulators (as was yesterday's).
Found some stuff that allows me to use my WiiRemotes with my computer. So of course I grab the old AppleII emulator and "Wings Of Fury", my favourite AppleII game. With a little (ha!, couple hours) of tweaking, it's all up and running. Fortunately for me, I got lots of time, so tweaking around for a few hours getting a computer emulator running is absolutely no big deal.

Today, I've moved on to the Atari2600 and Nintendo64 emulators for the Wii. Neither of the two were running very well last time I looked. But that was a year or so ago. I just got the Atari running and they've got it running well :)
I'm going to be going head to head with my flatmate on Combat once my knee is done cooling off.

I'm hoping the N64 might be fixed up as well, though I'm less optimistic. That one seems to be a tough cookie to crack. I haven't even seen a good PC emulator for it yet. Here's hoping though. It'd be cool as hell to play PilotWings64 :)


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