Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New day

New day, a little more mobility.

The swelling's backing off. I can stand for quite some time now. Might even get confident enough to take a shower standing up! Really, how many people get to say that? And mean it?

I can even walk with some weight on my bad leg. The only thing holding that back was the swelling. Now I get to feel the real limits... the muscles. This is great. This is a weakness I can fix. It'll take time and effort, but this one's do-able. I'm not just sitting and waiting.

Now comes the need to consciously go easy.
To reign it in and "don't be a hero". It's a slow road. No need to rush. The tiny improvements have such a dramatic effect on my psyche. Now is the time to be patient. This is the time I've waited for.

Next up, so the story goes, are the dramatic improvements.
This is of course followed by the plateau. You get a month of big big changes, then things level off. This is often viewed as "hitting a wall", but I think it's more that the low hanging fruit of repair work is done and you go back your body's normal pace of improvement. I think it's kinda like getting off those flat escalator things at an airport.


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pat rooney said...

Good analogy to the flat escalator. Slow and steady as you go. lol Good news there.
We are swimming in heat here. You have the better weather for this mess you are in. I suspect you will really love the flying this season! LOL