Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sutures out :)

The stitches came out yesterday :)

They warned me that there would prob be a little bleeding and swelling since even just removing stitches jars the knee a bit.

Between that and physio and not keeping it extra-elevated... it swelled up a bit. Fortunately today it's back down. It wasn't that bad, but I don't like overdoing things.

The upside is now I'm that much closer to getting back in the pool :)

Geek warning... all others may wish to leave the room now.
So, my happy fun project today?
Getting my computer to connect to my wii remote.
Why you might ask? ;)
Weeeeelll... Couple reasons.
I lack a joystick... and I'm not shelling out a bunch of money for one either. I've got an old AppleII emulator with a stack of games. I've got a stack of flight simulators as well. Soooo... with enough time, something I've got in spades, and zero money... well, I found some instructions and programs that let you hook up your wii remote and use it as a joystick. Still a few bugs to get past, but I'm playing some old favourites like Chopper Command, Arctic Fox, and Wings Of Fury :)



pat rooney said...

The up side of recovery and boredom? lol
SO much better than TV.
Reading the surgery details is tough sometimes and still interesting. It answers so many questions. Keep up the good progress!

Jim said...

Yes, boredom is a good thing. It lets you know that you're getting closer to "normal".
Sitting around in bed doing next to nothing _should_ bore the hell out of you.
Post surgery, sitting around in bed for hours and hours and hours feels like nothing. You know it's not right. You know you should be bored. But there's nothing you can do but wait. It's kinda nice though, you wouldn't want to be that incapacitated AND bored ;)